The solid pillars of our unique approach

Just like a snake changes its skin, cobras transforms your workplace into a better, flexible and future-oriented version of itself. This evolution is based on solid pillars. These 5 commandments run like a common thread through every cobras realization. Always a unique result, shaped by important values.

Step 1

A holistic vision

Architecture does not exist in isolation. It is only when it engages in dialogue with the interior, environment, and people that magic happens. This is why COBRAS approaches each project with a comprehensive vision of architecture and design. We analyze existing buildings, climate, transportation, water management, and more, integrating them into a unique concept.

A multidisciplinary team will oversee your project from the design phase. We assemble the appropriate experts to address your challenges and meet the needs of your employees, ensuring that your company is fully prepared for the future.

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Step 2

Think outside the box

With our collective we break the standard approach and insights. We rethink concepts and create user-oriented designs that are prepared for future challenges due to their great adaptability. Repurposing is not a trend, but an evidence. Responsibly dealing with existing spaces and reinventing buildings is the only way to do things radically differently. We are happy to exceed boundaries, depending on your results.

Step 3

For and by employees

The COBRAS concept prioritizes employees above all else, recognizing the workplace as their second home. To fully address their needs and input, we design for and alongside them. Your team members collaborate closely with our designers, ensuring we authentically capture your company's DNA and integrate it throughout the transformation process. 

Our employer branding strategist considers all factors contributing to a powerful working environment, all aimed at answering one question: how can we create a space that enhances the human experience? An environment that inspires and increases job satisfaction, ultimately boosting efficiency.

Step 4

Inside out

While a traditional architect designs from the exterior inward, COBRAS adopts an inside-out perspective. Prioritizing content, we let your company's and people's needs lead the way, shaping both function and form. Naturally, we then craft everything into appealing and innovative designs.

Our designs boast recognizable and approachable aesthetic elements. However, it's the emotional and functional advantages that truly resonate with those who inhabit these spaces. Meaningful architecture is about buildings engaging in dialogue with their users and surroundings.

Stap 5


At COBRAS we strongly believe in co-creation.  Thoughtful design and architecture demand a multidisciplinary approach. The COBRAS Collective assembles a creative hub customized for your project, with the appropriate experts at the table.

Moreover, you are a crucial part of this journey. As you engage with us, you become an integral member of the COBRAS Collective. Who better to evaluate the challenges and needs than you yourself? Together, we reshape your company into a meticulously crafted workplace that aligns with your identity. That's why we involve not just you, but also your employees and your entire workflow, ensuring a result in perfect harmony.

We are curious about your ideas and plans. Let's take them to the next level together.