#03 - The Evolution from Digital to BIM: Integrating Interior Design

In the realm of architecture, the transition from digital drafting to Building Information Modeling (BIM) has brought about a revolutionary change. Many architectural firms have already begun to embrace this evolution, but at COBRAS, we take it a step further by integrating the interior design aspect into this integration.

Our vision is succinctly captured by our partner and director, Willem Devos: “BIM drafting not only ensures a more efficient drafting process internally, it’s also a different way of designing. Through this technology, we essentially construct the building digitally beforehand.”

The implementation of BIM enables us to not only work more efficiently but also to design with greater precision and detail. By incorporating interior design into our BIM process, we can adopt a holistic approach to architecture, seamlessly integrating both the exterior and interior.

At COBRAS, our employees have received comprehensive training in ArchiCAD, a leading BIM software program. Our dedicated team members, including Willem Devos, have expertise in utilizing this advanced tool to bring our designs to life.

As a young and creative firm, we constantly strive to grow and innovate. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals skilled in ArchiCAD who want to contribute to our dynamic team at Cobras. If you’re passionate about architecture and driven by creativity, we welcome you to join us in our inspiring work environment.

Join COBRAS and be part of our mission to push boundaries and shape the future of architecture.