COBRAS was founded 3 years ago. We recently moved to an iconic building in Heule.

This heritage-worthy textile factory was built in 1905 by the Verhoost family. At the time, the factory consisted of 4 parts, the largest part of which served as a weaving mill. A bleachery, dye house and drying house also found a place in this building. When it started, bed linen, bathroom linen and table linen were made here for the White Star Line. Fun fact: most likely there are still fabrics on the Titanic that were made here.

Private individuals or professionals? COBRAS has a diverse package of projects.

Reconversion or repurposing has already become a large part of this. Repurposing is not new. It is becoming more and more the rule and less and less the exception. But how exactly do you approach the repurposing of an old building? Some look for it in new revenue models, smart financing or in developing management.