Historic textile house in the center of Kortrijk will become the largest esports game center in Belgium

COBRAS was commissioned to create a separate story in this iconic building, where Outplayed can establish itself in the coming years and grow into a permanent fixture in the gaming industry.

Taking into account the heritage-worthy character of the building, it was not an easy exercise to design something in this, but the COBRAS team has once again succeeded in delivering a very strong concept.

You can discover the Esports game center on the basis of 3 'levels'. You can have a drink in the Esports Bar (level 1). Behind it is the Esports Arena (level 2), where you can follow your favorite teams & streamers on a big screen. Finally, at the very back, in the game zone (level 3), you can engage in competitive battles. In addition, a real streaming booth will also be provided.