A unique loft with lots of volume and respect for the original elements

The Ghent outer harbor - near Dok Noord - is a protected cityscape with many listed monuments. There are some beautiful old warehouses that remind you of New York. We were allowed to create a unique loft in one of those warehouses. The loft is located on the 2nd floor, which offers a very nice view of the bustling Dok Noord site.

The volume at the entrance is striking, which incorporates many functions. The toilet, cloakroom, storage room and kitchen are integrated into this block. The rest of the space is completely open, both in width and height. In combination with new high-quality materials, the existing cast iron construction, the brick walls and the wooden plank floor were retained in a very respectful way, making this a real redevelopment through and through. The impressive end result fully suits the building and its surroundings.