A unique design for a vacant space in a factory building

There is a factory building in the landing zone of Ostend airport, with an empty space on the top floor. The COBRAS designers created this unique design for that space. The typical industrial building was transformed into a state of the art modernist loft. The feeling and nod to the former art-deco atmosphere are unmistakably present.

The loft looks spacious and light thanks to the open spaces. A variety of materials – dark burl wood, natural stone, brass – provide a unique decoration for the room. Details such as the trolleys and lighting complete the story. The monumental staircase is the eye-catcher that connects the 2 split levels.

The window on the left side made the link with the airport very conscious. The contrast couldn't be greater at the back. The polder landscape and nature really come in and provide a very serene feeling. Let yourself be seduced by this unique project.